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Tailored Solutions: Flexibility to meet your needs no matter what they may be.

Info Cubic’s main goal is to provide the most effective and hassle-free employment screening services available. In order to meet this goal, we oftentimes have to think outside the box. We listen to our client’s requirements and create a customized, tailored solution to meet those needs. We utilize an experienced in-house IT Department capable of creating whatever type of online solution our clients require.

Examples of tailored solutions:


Client’s Challenge:

A large international educational institution was interested in screening their international employees but had concerns about the costs involved. In addition, they were concerned about the difficulty of centralizing and administering a background check program given the fact that their potential employees would be from across the globe.


Info Cubic created a customized website for this organization where their applicants can submit all of the information we need to run a background check while also paying for the report directly. The completed reports are then emailed to both the applicant and the client for review. The client did not need to pay a dime for the background checks and only needed to provide the link to the online ordering system and then review the completed reports.

  • Another option for this type of situation is to have the client and the applicant split the cost of the background check so that each gains the benefits of sharing the costs.


Client’s Challenge:

Info Cubic was approached by a large financial firm looking to centralize and standardize the background check process for their vendors to use to run background checks on the hundreds of contractors they placed with the firm each year. For privacy reasons the financial firm did not want to view the results of the background checks. They only wanted to know when the reports were initiated and then whether the contractor passed or failed based on the firm’s list of disqualifying convictions.


Info Cubic developed a customized online ordering system where the vendors order background checks for the employees they are trying to place within the financial firm. Only authorized vendors are allowed to access the ordering system as determined by our client. The ordering process itself is as simple as logging in and inputting the contractor’s name, DOB and SSN. Our system automatically orders the correct background check package pre-determined by our client. Our client does little more than wait for emails telling them when reports have been started and whether the contractor passed or failed once they are completed.

  • For this type of solution it would be up to the company to determine who should pay for the background check.
  • The company would have the choice of how involved they would want to be in terms of actually seeing the results of the background check reports. Since the applicants would be temporary workers and not actually employed full-time by the company oftentimes they choose to only be notified whether the applicant passed or failed rather than viewing the actual results.

Above are a few of cases we did for our clients. Info Cubic are happy to discuss any needs you might have. From our experience, in most times, our clients have trouble defining it. We would like to brainstorm with you as we have a lot of experience behind that. Please feel free to give us a try.


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