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Why choose us for your employment screening needs?


Background checks with dimension, courtesy of The Cube

View prospective employees from every angle. From criminal background checks to drug testing to international searches—Info Cubic provides the reports you need to make the right hiring decisions.

Why choose The Cube?

Accurate 99.9 percent accurate, to be exact ISO certified

Fast This means:

  • Same-day account set up
  • Most calls and emails answered instantly, but always within 2 business hours
  • Non-instant reports returned within 48 hours average

Simple No clambering through phone trees. Conveniently run reports through our easy web-based system.

Flexible Customizable packages and results delivered to your specifications.

Competitive No contracts. No set-up fees. No minimum orders. Priced to compete.

Education We can help you:

  • Interpret results
  • Create, update and implement your internal employment screening policies
  • Handle “adverse action” letters should an applicant be turned down due to a background check
  • Stay informed of industry trends and ever-changing employment screening laws and regulations

Service matters. There’s no shortage of background check companies. Work with the company that does it all,
and does it right.


Info Cubic 9250 E. Costilla Ave., Suite 525, Greenwood Village, CO 80112
Toll-free: (877) 360-4636
Phone: (303) 220-0170
Fax: (303) 220-0171
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Employment Screening Overview