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Q: How soon should I expect to get my results? A: Results are usually emailed directly to you or available within our secure web-based platform within 24 hours of completing the test if the results are negative. eScreen 5 panel drug screens are returned within an hour of collection, where available.

Q: Are electronic chain of custody forms available? A: Electronic forms are now available for most drug screen types such as the regular 5 and 10 panel drug screens. The electronic forms are very convenient since they can be faxed or emailed to your applicant directly. Unfortunately, Federal law still requires that DOT drug screens utilize the paper chain of custody forms.

Q: I received a status update saying that my specimen went to MRO. What does that mean? A: A Medical Review Officer or MRO is a physician trained in toxicology. When a test is determined by a laboratory to be positive or you live in a state such as New York where all drug tests must be certified by a physician, the report should be sent to the MRO for further review. The MRO attempts to contact the candidate and determine if there is a valid medical explanation for the results of their test, which could be anything from over-the-counter drugs to valid prescription drugs. If the MRO is able to determine a valid explanation for the test results, he or she will issue a verified negative result for the test.


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