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International Searches FAQ


Q: Why is the turnaround time slower compared to searches in the US?
A: There are many factors that will affect the turnaround time of your search. Many less developed countries do not have centralized computer systems, and the searches are often completed by going through paper work that may have been archived. Depending on the country there may also be language barriers, time differences and name variations that make a search more difficult and naturally slower to complete. Many countries celebrate different holidays which can mean offices shut down for a number of days, again slowing the search. In some cases it will be necessary for the court documents to be translated to make it easier to understand the offense that is being reported.

Info Cubic is well aware of these various challenges inherent with international screening. We've developed a well-organized and cohesive program that allows us to cut through these issues to return your results as quickly and accurately as possible. Through our trusted, vetted network we can complete searches in-person when needed, while pursuing the most efficient method possible.

Q: What are the data sources for international criminal searches?
A: International criminal records are often not stored or utilized in the same manner as the United States, where they are a matter of public record. Therefore, our researchers may have to utilize different sources for criminal record searches such as police agencies, government agencies or certificates of good conduct to process requests. The sources and rights to obtain data through these sources vary by country. Many countries may have specific privacy laws and regulations on how personal data is collected and used for employment screening purposes. Info Cubic utilizes experienced research partners to process international requests ensuring that our clients remain compliant with all applicable local and international regulations.

Q: How do I know if a particular search can be done in a particular country?
A: It is important to remember that when conducting screening internationally there will inevitably be a difference of opinion as to what is legally or culturally acceptable. Info Cubic offers searches we believe, through thorough evaluation and research, to be legally available. That does not mean that every search in every country is appropriate for every company and every position. That determination must be made by the employer itself, but we can provide educational information to get you headed in the right direction.

Q: I'm new to international screening. What resources do you provide to help me navigate this complex topic?
A: At Info Cubic, we pride ourselves on our wide-range of internal expertise as it relates to international background screening. We can provide educational information on pretty much any type of background check in pretty much any country, territory or dependency, and can help you evaluate what a proper global screening program looks like for your company, industry and needs.

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