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"One Click Screening" Solution Overview


Powerful New HR Applicant Tracking Tool - "One Click Screening" Solution

If your company spends a lot of time doing data entry for your applicants background checks, we have great news! Info Cubic's innovative new "One Click Screening" system can seamlessly connect your applicants' job applications with their background checks. No more data entry. You simply need One Click to screen your applicants.

Who benefits from these solution?

"One Click Screening" solution relieves the burden of data entry for HR employees. It's an exciting new opportunity for you to simplify and integrate your hiring process, as well as compete for and win the best candidates.

"One Click Screening" provides a powerful and easy to use applicant tracking system, creating a seamless recruiting and hiring process. Data entry by your employees is virtually eliminated.

How it works?

We provide a customized website link where your applicants can apply for available positions. The job applicants enter all of their personal information similar to any standard job application. These job applications are then provided to you in a simple and easy to work with online format.

Your decision makers then choose whether to move forward with or deny job applicants. If you choose to move forward with an applicant's background check, with one click the applicant's data will instantly transfer to our screening system and automatically run the package you pre-designed. The result will be sent back to your email. This solution allows your company to create a more consistent and seamless hiring processes. Info Cubic designed this module after listening to our staffing companies.

How to utilize this solutions?

"One Click Screening" gives you to the ability to track your applicants online from start to finish. Data entry by your employees is virtually eliminated allowing you to use your time and resources more effectively. By utilizing HR's time and resources more effectively you hiring process will improve, ensuring that you are hiring the most qualified applicants possible.

You can simply:
Create an "Apply Now" Link on your website

Load the application on a "Hiring Kiosk"

Have the recruiter send out a link

Need to know more details...

Additionally, The "One Click Screening" includes a Career Center that gives clients the ability to recruit for specific positions. It highlights the available positions, locations that are hiring, the qualifications needed for the job, and combined with the Online Employment Applications creates a seamless recruiting process.

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"One Click Screening" Solution Overview