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Infrastructure and Security


Our SaaS+ Enterprise Architecture is comprised of the very latest enterprise Blade Servers, a high-performance Storage Area Network, the industries fastest data networking gear, and is backed up by one of the most complete and established cloud providers in the market.

Until the introduction of our SaaS+ Enterprise Architecture, the background screening software industry was run on towers, classic rack-mounts, or even worse unsecured PC platforms. With Info Cubic's SaaS+ Enterprise Architecture, you now have the technology to compete with anyone in the industry in terms of performance, reliability, scalability, and security!

System Highlights

High Density Blade Servers in partnership with Dell Scalability

  • Easy setup and with remote management
  • Quick ramp up time for new services, capacity, and resources


  • Hot swappable technology
  • Simplified network infrastructure,
    power management and cooling


  • Full 64-bit architecture maximized
  • 20% more performance per watt than standard rack server architectures

Network Speeds in partnership with Cisco Systems

  • 10GB network
  • 40X faster than most networks
  • 40GB uplink between blade edge and core switch
  • Removes network latency in delivering information

Server security

Our system utilizes a 256-bit SSL certificate, which is the industry standard level of encryption for communication.

In addition, the system is password protected and gives each user a unique account name and password. For each order that is placed, we store the IP address that the order originates from. The login activity and IP address is also logged with each login attempt and success. Sensitive Information such as DOB's and SSN's are obscured on all reports that are accessible via the Internet, and also when in delivery transit (via email or fax).

The network is protected by an enterprise level firewall system, and the OS is audited weekly to make sure the latest security patches are installed on the system. The database server is password secured on the OS level and then on the database application level. Additionally, the systems are located at a dedicated co-location facility that has electronic and physical security 24x7x365.

Security Summary

  • Enterprise firewall protection
  • Enterprise anti-virus software
  • 256-bit encryption
  • IP tracking for logins
  • Login history tracking
  • IP tracking for orders
  • Obscuring of personal identifiers
  • Weekly OS security patches
  • Consistent firmware, driver, and patch updates to servers and network components
  • Tri-level password protection at the application, database, and OS levels
  • 24x7x365 electronic and physical security
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