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Social Security Trace Verification

Conducting a Social Security Trace Verification is one of the first steps an employer should do to confirm a job applicant is who they say they are. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to perform, especially as part of a background package offered by a number of experienced and reputable web-based pre-employment screening services.

Confirming a person’s identity through a Social Security Trace Verification helps employers comply with a number of hiring rules and regulations and even assists in the nation’s efforts to make it more difficult for terrorists or industrial spies to enter our workforce.

Savvy human resources professionals know that if an applicant lies about who they are, they are also likely not to be telling the truth about other aspects of their personal history, including education, work experience, job skills, drug use, and criminal history. When employers can’t prove they performed due diligence in the pre-employment screening process they are opening the door to crippling judgments from negligent-hiring litigation.

Below are some common questions clients have asked about this product. I have a feeling it will help you to better understand this product and how it can help you.

Q: Why is there someone else’s name on my applicants SSN Trace results?

There are several possible reasons for multiple names associated with a Social Security Number.

1. Human error could have caused a typo that resulted in someone else with a similar SSN to appear on your subjects report.

2. The Subject of your search may have used an Alias (AKA) Name with his SSN. Alias Names include maiden or previously married last names or “nick” names. We recommend you look into maiden names when you order as well.

3. The Subject of your search may have applied jointly for credit with the individual whose name also appears in this report.

Q: Is this search from the Social Security Administration?

No. The SSN Trace Report is not obtained from the Social Security Administration, as the public does not have access to their records. The information we provide is gathered from what are called “Credit Headers” from the 3 major credit bureaus. When a person pays their utility bill, applies for a credit card, or signs on a loan, Credit Headers keep track of the SSN used, as well as the names and address histories attached to it.

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