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Business Credit Reports - U.S.

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Business Credit Reports

The Business Credit Report is compiled using data from Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax. Utilizing data from one single credit bureau is not enough; each has its own limitations and fails to provide a full picture of the business. By combining the data from multiple sources, Info Cubic's Business Credit Report provides a truly comprehensive report.

Current, accurate, and objective trade payment information on more than 18 million businesses nationwide.
Executive Summary up front highlights key elements of the report including the Days Beyond Terms (DBT) score, 6-month account balance range, highest credit amount extended, industry payment comparison, payment trends, and significant data (bankruptcy, judgments, liens, UCC filings).

Ways To Use This Product:

  • Credit Management: Check new accounts and review existing accounts when credit exposure has increased, payment patterns have slowed, or the customer has not bought from you in the last few months. Quarterly and/or annual account updates.
  • Purchasing: Ensure that the vendor you choose has stable business payments as well as longevity.
  • Marketing: Prescreen account prospects and know whether a prospective account will be able to pay you.
  • Allows you to make confident credit decisions-fast.
  • Experian Credit Logic Score: Examines past payment behavior and credit characteristics of all size companies across different industries.
  • Experian Credit Logic Score integrates both the business and owner's credit history, proven to be the most effective predictor of small business risk.

Business Credit Report Format:

Credit Logic Score
The Credit Logic Score is listed on each report. The score ranges from 0 (high risk) to 100 (low risk) and is determined based on years in businesses, current debt and trade payments.

Company Information
The overview provides information on the business's annual sales, net worth, employee total, company management, type of industry, legal status and other supplemental data when available.

Corporate Linkage
Information on ultimate parent, headquarters, and various branches of the company is provided.

When available, data on 6 month and quarterly days beyond term is provided in order to identify changes in payment habits.

Legal Filings
Detailed information is provided on any tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies. Data is provided on the type, file dates, status and amounts.

Trade Payment Experiences and Totals
Provided by third party creditors, this data provides supplier's perspective on how the company meets their financial obligations.

Edgar Financial Statements
If the target company is publicly traded and the data is available, the last four years of financial information is provided including, income statement, balance sheets, cash flow, etc.


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Business Credit Reports -US