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County Civil/Lawsuits Search

Turnaround Time: 24-72 hrs         County Civil/Lawsuits Search Sample Report

County Civil/Lawsuits Search

The County Civil & Lawsuits search identifies non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against an employee or company at the county in either upper or lower courts, as determined by monetary value set by the state or county. The County Civil & Lawsuits service is an important search to use when dealing with contractors, business partners and outsourcing companies. The County Civil & Lawsuits search is available to be searched by County only.

Potential Outcome (Result)


A search of the county court records did not find a subject – within the scope of the search - whose identifiers matched the candidate information submitted by the client. Clear means the candidate did not have a record on file at the courts searched by Info Cubic. It does not mean that the candidate does not have a record anywhere else.


A search of the county court records did find a subject whose identifiers matched the candidate information submitted by the client. NOTE: Civil records historically do not contain identifiers (DOB, SSN) – accordingly, most matches are Name Match Only. The record information will be provided to the client. A hit returns records from the jurisdiction searched. It does not preclude the possibility that the subject has additional records in courts not searched by Info Cubic.

Matching Rules for Identifiers on Records

Typically we are supplied 3 usable identifiers for an applicant:

  • First and last name (sometimes a middle name or initial)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

The researcher will utilize these identifiers when reviewing the index. A typical match is made using first and last name and DOB. The recent trend has been for courts to withhold SSNs from public indexes due to concerns over identify theft. When present, SSN will be utilized in the match.

Civil searches are almost exclusively name match only searches. Because civil cases are not criminal in nature, there is not a booking process that gathers identifiers. Instead, cases are filed by plaintiffs in civil court. In some instances the address of the defendant may be available for matching purposes.


County Civil/Lawsuits Search Sample Report

Subject Information:
Name: Smith, Mike
AKA: None
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/19XX
County/State: Maricopa, AZ
Case Information:
Case #: 15488
File date: 08/21/1998
Plaintiff: Student loan marketing
Defendant: Smith, Mike
Cause of action: Contract complaint ($10,250.00)
Judgment date: 01/12/1999
Judgment: Judgment for plaintiff
Note: Verified by name and date of birth

This is a sample of a County Civil & Lawsuits Search.


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County Civil/Lawsuits Search