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County Criminal Records Search

The County Criminal Records search is an in-person search of felony and misdemeanor records directly at the county courthouse. The County Criminal Records search reports felony and misdemeanor conviction information going back at least 7 years. Our experienced and extensive court researcher network is constantly screened for accuracy and thoroughness. Since the County Criminal Records search is the most accurate and up-to-date criminal records search available, we strongly recommend this search to all of our clients.

Potential Outcome (Result)


A search of the county court records did not find a subject whose identifiers matched the candidate information submitted by the client. Clear means the candidate did not have a record on file at the courts searched by Info Cubic within the scope of the search. It does not mean that the candidate does not have a criminal record anywhere else.


A search of the county court records did find a subject whose identifiers matched the candidate information submitted by the client. The record information will be provided to the client. A hit returns records from the jurisdiction searched. It does not preclude the possibility that the subject has additional records in courts not searched by Info Cubic.

Matching Rules for Identifiers on Records

Criminal searches use a best 2 out of 3 match. Typically we are supplied 3 usable identifiers for an applicant:

  • First and last name (sometimes a middle name or initial)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

The researcher will utilize these identifiers when reviewing the criminal index. A typical match is made using first and last name and DOB. The recent trend has been for courts to withhold SSNs from public indexes due to concerns over identify theft. When present, SSN will be utilized in the match.

County Criminal Records Sample Report

Subject Information:
Name: Douglas, Daniel
AKA: None
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/19XX
County/State: Maricopa, AZ
Criminal Records :
Case #: 52-1542-23
Charge: Burglary
Type of crime: Felony
Sentence: 5 Years in Prison
Fines: $1,000
Disposition Date: 12/11/19XX
Arrest Date: 04/21/19XX
File Date: 03/05/19XX
Disposition: Guilty
Probation: 3 Years
Prison time: 5 Years
Note: Verified by name and date of birth

This is a sample County Criminal Records.


Q: How do I decide whether to run a county or statewide criminal search?

Both of these searches involve criminal records containing similar misdemeanor and felony conviction information. While both products generally yield the same case information on a subject, your chances of finding criminal record information will be greater if you follow these simple guidelines:

If you are relatively certain your subject was tried for a criminal offense in a particular county, choose that county for a criminal records search. This is where the actual court records are filed and are hand-checked by our qualified court records researcher.

If you are relatively confident your subject was tried for a criminal offense in a particular state, but are unsure of in which county, or if the subject has moved around the state several times, try a statewide criminal search. This search has a much wider geographical focus and will cover every county courthouse in the state. A statewide criminal search is more cost-effective than ordering several county criminal searches.

If you are fairly certain that your subject was convicted of a violation quite recently, then you should order a county criminal search. The biggest difference between statewide and county criminal records has to do with how quickly criminal records are made available. When a person is convicted of a criminal offense the trial takes place at the county level. When a person has been convicted, this court record information is generally filed and made available at the county courthouse shortly after the conviction. However, the county courthouse may not report this criminal record information to the statewide criminal repository for several days or weeks. Each state has different requirements regarding how quickly counties need to report court record information.

Please note: not all states require their county courts to report to their statewide criminal repository. Therefore, statewide criminal record information may not be available in states such as AK, CA, DE, NV, NY, SD and WV.

Q: I am looking for criminal records for someone who has committed a crime in one county but is incarcerated in another county. Which county should I search?

You should search in the county where the crime was committed, NOT the county where they may be incarcerated. The county where the crime was committed will handle the criminal case and will therefore have the criminal record information. If you are unsure of which county the crime took place in, a statewide criminal search may be a good option to find the criminal record.

Q: I know that someone has been arrested in the past. Will this report show that?

Arrest records will not be provided. The only criminal record information provided will be related to criminal convictions. If a person was arrested and then released without being convicted, this information will not be reflected in our reports. Depending on the county courthouse, arrest records may occasionally be returned if the case is still ongoing or awaiting trial. Since a person is innocent until proven guilty, arrest records should never be used to make a hiring decision. Only criminal convictions should be used in making decisions.

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