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Professional/Personal Reference

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Professional/Personal Reference

What is a Professional/Personal Reference?

Our experienced research staff completes Professional/Personal Reference checks by interviewing an applicant's former or current colleagues, friends and family members. Our researchers will provide a comprehensive overview of a person's characteristics. They are considered investigative consumer reports as they are opinion based reports, not verifiable facts such as a criminal record.

Potential Outcome (Result)

A call was placed to the references listed by the applicant/employee and a phone interview was conducted to gather the information specified by the client.

Unable to verify an applicant/employee’s personal references. The verifier may not be able to reach the listed reference and/or the reference may not be will to speak on the applicant/employee’s behalf.

Why Request a Professional/Personal Reference?

Professional/Personal Reference checks will offer insight into a person's work ethic, reliability, personality and ability to communicate and get along with others. It will also provide further insight into a person's compatibility with your company.


  • Person's name
  • Relationship
  • Phone number

How a Professional/Personal Reference is Obtained

Standard Questions Asked in a Professional/Personal Reference:

∗ All questions can be customized based on your company policy
  • Time Known?
  • Have you ever worked together? If yes, where and for how long?
  • Your Position?
  • His/Her Position?
  • Why did this individual leave the company (if they are still employed, please state "current")?
  • Please describe his/her key responsibilities in his/her most recent position/role.
  • How would you describe his/her reliability and punctuality?
  • Please describe his/her relationships with coworkers and supervisors.
  • How would you describe his/her attitude and outlook at the workplace?
  • Please describe his/her productivity and commitment to quality.
  • What are his/her most significant strengths?
  • What are his/her most significant weaknesses?
  • What is your overall assessment of this individual?
  • Would you recommend him/her for a position with another company? Why or why not?
  • Would you rehire him/her? Why or why not?
  • Are there additional comments you would like to make? Is there a question I should ask that I may have missed?



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Professional/Personal Reference