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West Virginia Pre Employment Background Screening

Info Cubic is a premier online provider of criminal records and any other background check service you may require for employment screening or investigative services. We take pride in our industry leading turnaround times, data accuracy and pricing. Our web-based system is the most powerful way to screen employees or investigate business partners. All employment screening products we offer are completely FCRA compliant. Additional background check services we provide include vendor and tenant screening.

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States update compliance/FCRA laws periodically, be sure to check with your state for the most current information regarding changes.

FCRA reporting rules for West Virginia
 All information, including non-convictions, is reportable regardless of scope if salary is $75,000 or more.Conviction information can be reported beyond 7 years.

West Virginia I-9 Verification Guide  
Legislation: West Virginia Code §21-1B-2
Effective Date: April 19th, 2007 Status: Active

Summary:West Virginia Code §21-1B-2 requires employers to verify the work authorization of all employees. The state’s commissioner of labor has authority to inspect the personnel documents of any employer. An employer who employees unauthorized workers is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by fines of up to $10,000 and incarceration for repeat offenses. The law prohibits employers from claiming a state income tax deduction for wages or remuneration of $600 or more paid to an individual who is not authorized to work if the employer has been convicted of unlawfully hiring unauthorized workers. Repeat offenses of the law may result in suspension or revocation of the employer’s business license.

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World-Class Customer Service
Fastest Turnaround Times
Cost-Effective Pricing
Secure, Powerful Online System
Most Accurate Data
FCRA Compliant
Live System Training
No Startup Fees
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Criminal Records
SSN Trace
Civil/Lawsuit Records
MVR Records
Credit Reports
Wants and Warrants
Federal Criminal Records
Drug Testing
Bankruptcy Records
Nationwide Criminal Records
And many more

West Virginia Risk Statistics

West Virginia criminal records/Risk statistics:
Crime rate - 47% (National average = 100%)

Personal Crime - 44%
Murder - 61%
Rape - 54%

Robbery - 23%
Assault - 39%
Property Crime - 50%

Burglary - 64%
Larceny - 51%
Motor Vehicle Theft - 36%



Other Information:

Caucasian: 95.89%
African-American: 3.20%
American Indian, Eskimo: 0.20%
Asian or Pacific Islander: 0.55%
Hispanic Origin: 0.67%
Other: 0.17%

White Collar : 46.65%
Blue Collar : 53.35%

Average Household Income: $38,552
Unemployed: 6.14%
High School Educated: 75.29%

West Virginia Arrest Records Detail
Total arrest records 22,846      
Murder 62 Rape 42
Robbery 231 Aggravated Assault 539
Burglary 310 Larceny - theft 2,324
Motor vehicle thefts 735 Other assaults 3,008
Forgery & counterfeiting 34 Fraud 381
Embezzlement 0 Possession of stolen property 20
Vandalism 895 Weapons violations 331
Prostitution and commercial vice 397 Sex offenses 134
Total drug violations 4,835 Drug trafficking 0
Drug possession 0 Gambling 121
Bookmaking 0 Numbers & lottery 0
Other gambling 2 Offenses against family & child 22
Driving under influence 243 Liquor law violations 215
Drunkenness 0 Disorderly conduct 3,088
Vagrancy 0 All other offenses except traffic 4,854
Population 2,222,493 Coverage indicator 0%


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West Virginia Pre Employment Background Screening